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Introducing you to WB Podiatry, where we prioritize your foot and ankle health with exceptional care. Meet our team of dedicated podiatrists, each committed to providing personalized and expert services. Learn more about our skilled professionals and gain valuable insights into foot health. Our seamless experience allows you to easily schedule appointments and access virtual consultations. Step into a world where your foot and ankle well-being is the main focus – welcome to WB Podiatry.


Drs. Wayne and Berkowitz take pride in diagnosing and carefully treating various foot and ankle concerns while educating patients throughout the process. Serving the West Bloomfield area, we strive to provide exceptional care with an individualized examination and focused treatment plan.


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Dr. Mitchell Wayne

Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Brief bio about Dr. Wayne..... education, family, specialties....


Dr. Jeri Berkowitz

Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Brief bio about Dr. Berkowitz..... education, family, specialties.....

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